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You’ll find my blog to be a wealth of information, covering everything from the local real estate market, community happenings, home care tips, activities, and ideas on how to make the most of the North Carolina High Country. That’s because I care about the community and want to help you find your place in it. Please reach out if you have any questions at all. I'd love to talk with you!

March 25, 2020

How to Disinfect Your Home in The Time of Coronavirus

While the COVID-19 (coronavirus) has many of us boarded up inside, we will need to go out for essential items, visit grocery stores, pick up food from restaurants and medications from the pharmacy. Now more than ever, we need to be cautious of the surfaces we touch in public.

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March 10, 2020

7 Secrets to Buying A Home

7 Secrets to Buying A Home

Buying a home is a big decision. No matter if it's your first home, retirement home, or a vacation home. Making sure you buy a home the right way and for the right price is key for your peace of mind. Here are 7 secrets most homebuyers don't consider when purchasing a home here in the North Carolina mountains.

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Jan. 2, 2020

How to Sell Your North Carolina Mountain Home

If you're like many homeowners here in the North Carolina mountains, your mountain home is a place you have made many memories in over the years. When it comes to the thought of selling your home, it is an emotional decision with considerable financial considerations.

Selling your home is a big deal, so it's okay to be cautious and patient about it. Just remember, if selling your mountain home is the right thing for you and your family, you need to make sure the person helping you understands how important that is.

If you're ready to make the move, you want to ensure you do it wisely. I've created this blog to help you consider important factors involved with selling your home.

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Nov. 30, 2019

Curious About Local Real Estate?

Receive the Latest Local Market Stats

Curious about local real estate? So are we! Every month we review trends in our real estate market and consider the number of homes on the market in each price tier, the amount of time particular homes have been listed for sale, specific neighborhood trends, the median price and square footage of each home sold and so much more. We’d love to invite you to do the same!

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Sept. 20, 2019

6 Dangers of Overpricing Your Home

When it comes to setting a price for your home when it goes on the market, you need to make sure you price it correctly from the beginning. You don't want to waste time on the market or the eventual selling price by overpricing it from the get-go. Consider these six dangers that come when you overprice your home when it goes on the market.

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